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This blog has changed its focus a few times. At first it was about writing, then about the land I lived on in northern Minnesota for many years. Now it is about living in Saint Paul, my new residence. I grew up in Minneapolis, so this is essentially back home for me. I am enjoying the familiarity of it and am curious about the differences in the cities and in myself. My writing here will contemplate both.


A three-bedroom house and the property described and pictured in this blog are for sale. Visit

Iteration Three, Summer 2014: When I started this blog several years ago, it was about writing and publishing. This past spring, 2014, I turned my focus to the bog that I observe from my office window and I documented in words and photographs its passage from spring into summer. With the latter season well-established, I am turning my focus to the land on the 19+ acres–the road, the woods, the field–that I have lived on for decades and is now up for sale, along with my house. Several times a week I will take a picture and write a passage about it that I hope will bring the place alive for readers, as well as for a potential buyer. The house is fully described at

End of winter into spring and summer, 2014: I am dedicating this blog to observing the passage of one bog from winter into summer. The bog is visible from my home which is north of a continental divide, so the water flows north on its way to Hudson Bay and then the Atlantic Ocean. I am peeping out my window, not in, but it is, nevertheless, a form of spying, as I do not participate in the activity of the bog. I am an observer only. My plan is to write an entry several times a week, more or less. Happy for feedback and for other’s stories on how we progress from winter to summer, especially from this past relentless winter into a summer whose qualities are not yet known.

Entries prior to 2014: Welcome to a conversation about the writing life–about Writing for Love (where most of us start) and Writing for Money (where most of us would like to end up). I am an established writer with a great deal of experience struggling with the blank page and quite a lot of experience in the world of publishing.

My struggles with the page include settling in to a writing session, staying on track once I get there, and reading what I have written as though I had not read it before. This is, I think, one of the hardest things for writers to learn and it is the subject of my first post, Reading Your Own Writing.

My experience with publishers is wide-ranging: I am a freelancer for magazines, have published books with commercial and literary presses and have been a commentator on National Public Radio (Living on Earth). There is more information about all of this on my web site <>.

I expect to post to this blog about once a week, probably on Sunday afternoons. While I do not plan to answer individual emails, I hope you will send me your writing questions. I do plan to answer them in my posts.


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