Susan Carol Hauser

Parsing the City: Saint Paul

In Uncategorized on December 31, 2014 at 6:30 pm

I have seen so far one crow and two sparrows, the sparrows in a shrub near a sidewalk, the crow on the ridge pole of the house next door, straight across from my second story window. It was walking around the base of the chimney. Maybe it was warmer there. Maybe it was trying to get a good look at me, this newcomer with two dogs. Maybe it has told everyone it knows that I am here, that I am not afraid of the cold, that I walk my dogs three times a day, that sometimes I stand at the window at night and watch the moon shedding light on the rooftops—just as it does on the treetops up north, that I act as though I have lived here before, not a newcomer at all, but one who has returned to a city that has changed as much as she has, and who understands the pleasure of company, even when it is fleeting and of a different feather.Rooftop without Crow Rooftop without Crow

  1. I so enjoy your writing, Susan. I can almost “see and feel” what you are describing… a little like Being there. What a fun way to share!

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