Susan Carol Hauser

Bog Watching: May 6, 2014

In Bog-watching on May 7, 2014 at 12:18 am

Peeping the Bog, May 6, 2014

Last year’s grasses hold strong in the bog, but in the bay they are mostly gone. Two small islands remain, one two-feet in diameter, the other three-feet, more or less. I have been watching them now for several days. They are like bus stops for the birds. Canada geese and the occasional crow are the only ones I can identify, but other birds, gulls and small ducks come and go, stopping to preen, to look around. No one seems to claim dominion. The meager mounds are public property. They make me think about big rocks—erratics—in public places, especially alongside paths. Children and adults alike stop their passage and climb or leap onto them, standing for a moment higher than ground, looking around, as though there might be something more to see than can be seen from the path. Maybe we just like the feel of stone under our feet, or like to be above it all, a sort of mental preening of our feathers, a place to see from but also a place to be seen. 



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