Susan Carol Hauser

Peeping the Bog: March 16, 2014

In Bog-watching on March 16, 2014 at 10:56 pm

The frozen bay is well-pocked now with gray splotches of rotting snow where the warmth of the earth has made its way up to meet the incipient warmth of the sun. The splotches freeze and thaw and widen again and again, gradually freeing water from its winter pose. Dark heaps of weeds punctuate two of the splotches, algae brought to the surface by muskrats. They would have noticed, yesterday afternoon, the sun’s rays angling through the ice, loosening it to slush, would have easily broken through the crystalline portal into the light, dragging with them the last of the winter pantry to sort through on the sun-splashed, capacious table of the lake. Image

  1. You use beautiful language to describe the changing bog, well done!

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