Susan Carol Hauser

2010 McKnight-Loft Poetry Award

In McKnight Award on March 14, 2010 at 10:30 pm

2010 McKnight Artist Fellowship

I have received a 2010 McKnight Artist Fellowship ($25,000) in poetry.  This is the closing poem in the award manuscript:

Guests at the Table

Pickled beets; deviled eggs.

Sweet potato soup.
French bread.

Blueberry pie with ice cream.

Coffee: hot, black, strong.

After, a walk down the country road
in a starless dark so thorough
we lose our balance, put our arms
out like oars and, one to the next,
touch at our fingertips, proceed,
as always, in a ragged line
into the deepened night.

  1. Susan, I was so pleased to see your name on the Loft website as winner of this prize. I have admired your writing since I read a piece you wrote in the Sun. I passed it around to everyone I knew because I loved it so much. I’m sure I will do the same with your new book of poetry! Congratulations!!!! It’s wonderful to see a fellow Minnesota writer receiving the encouragement she deserves.

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