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Parsing the City: Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, January 23, 2015

I saw Orion tonight, hanging halfway to apex in the southeastern sky, skiffs of clouds cutting across his torso, the gleaming light of a jet plane climbing his scabbard. The moon was out, too, waxing quarter crescent, in the southwest sky. Me, I was standing on the dark, wet street, standing in a thin rivulet of melted snow. I was getting out of my car and had glanced into the sky for no reason, and there was Orion, and I stopped, not thinking this would happen in the glow of city lights. I looked up and around to see if there was more, and that’s when I saw the moon. Two-hundred and fifty miles north of here, I used to watch it lay its light upon the snowfield of Lake Puposky, undimmed by the few tepid house lights that flickered like candles along the shore, there as here Orion hard on its heels.

Parsing the City: Saint Paul

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I have seen so far one crow and two sparrows, the sparrows in a shrub near a sidewalk, the crow on the ridge pole of the house next door, straight across from my second story window. It was walking around the base of the chimney. Maybe it was warmer there. Maybe it was trying to get a good look at me, this newcomer with two dogs. Maybe it has told everyone it knows that I am here, that I am not afraid of the cold, that I walk my dogs three times a day, that sometimes I stand at the window at night and watch the moon shedding light on the rooftops—just as it does on the treetops up north, that I act as though I have lived here before, not a newcomer at all, but one who has returned to a city that has changed as much as she has, and who understands the pleasure of company, even when it is fleeting and of a different feather.Rooftop without Crow Rooftop without Crow

Book Signing & Wild Rice Tasting

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Wild Rice: An Essential Guide to Cooking, History, and Harvesting
Wild Sugar: The Pleasures of Making Maple Syrup, with Recipes

I will be signing both books…

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Woolen Mills, Third and Irvine, Bemidji, MN

Stop by and enjoy Herbed Wild Rice Pilaf, a recipe from Wild Rice: An Essential Guide…

Also available:

  • Singing Pines Wild Rice
  • Guide to the North Country National Scenic Trail in Minnesota (I am co-editor)

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